2月23日(土) 研修46日目 残り20日
Today’s temperature is from 1℃ to 8℃.
It was little snow.
Today's country is Vanuatu.
Green is a rich green country.
Red means the blood shed for the independent fight.
Black is the fertility and the people from Melanesia of land.
Yellow symbolizes peace and Christianity faith, respectively.
Yasuma,Hiroyuki and I are going to this country.
Today Vanuatan lady will come in the afternoon.
In the morning, we had English class.
Satoshi had a cold so he took a rest.
Since a guest will come from Vanuatu in the afternoon, we prepared
six questions per person , but sadly she was absented.
In thr afternoon,there was a guest from Zambia in Africa.
Zambia is the home of the famous Victoria Falls and it's capital is Lusaka.
Zambia is a inland country and that is sorrounded many countries such as Zimbabwe,Namibia,Angola,Congo,Tanzania,Malawi,Mozambique, seven countries about 5,664km.
His name was Benson Mulilo and he works Autitor General's Office(www.ago.gov.zm) and head is a femail.
We talked with him about 2 hours.
In the afternoon,we had a party in Morino Stage.
The host and the hostess spork beautiful English.
Many foreigners atended the party and several plays were performed such as syakuhachi,iai,judo,kendo,hannyashinkyo.
An attractive black young lady from French speaking country from Africa played kendo and hit beautifully opposite head.
I talked with a big man like Akebono(pre-grand champion of sumo) from Papua New Guinea and a rich beard man like Shikimori Inosuke(pre-sumo referee) from Bangladesh,and a short man from Timor too.
I couldn't see Satoshi all day long.
After supper, I got tired and slept in my room till 10:00. I talked with my family by Skype at 10:00.
I updated my blog at 10:15.
Today is my 60th birthday.
It is the life of gratitude although there was also a sad thing.
Such is life.
バヌアツ国旗 朝食 昼食 夕食
2008_02220004.jpg 2008_02230003.jpg Benson Mulilo from Zambia 語学交流会

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2月22日(金) 研修45日目 残り21日
Today’s temperature is from -2℃ to 11℃.
Today was so warm like spring that a lot of snow melted.
Today's country is Federated States of Micronesia.
Blue expresses sea and green means land and five stars means the Southern Cross and main islands.
1 JV and 1 SV are going to this country.
Respect is paid to the United Nations and the sea is also expressed to blue material again.
Main 4 islands of Pohnpei (Pompeii) and Kosrae (Kos Lae) are expressed, and the cross star which shines in south sky.
Tomorrow is Vanuatu, and Vanuatan will come in the afternoon so I made a welcome flier for her.
Today’s lecture was English only and fast speaking was 40 cards in three minutes.
Home work was tomorrow’s 6 questions and formal dialogue with a partner about time off.
After supper I updated my blog and prepare presentation.
ミクロネシア連邦 朝食 昼食 夕食

ギニア 村に井戸ができたわ ケニア ゴミの山で生きる人々 シリア よく出来たね  スリランカ 追悼、そして復興へ

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2月21日(木) 研修44日目 残り22日
Today’s temperature is from -5℃ to 7℃.
Today’s country is Solomon Island.
Blue expresses sea and green means land and five stars means the Southern Cross and main islands.
The natinal song looks like anthem and Kimigayo.
3 JVs are going to this country.
I went to Kurata farm with Saeko, Midori and Yasushi at 8:30 am by bus.
Today we worked in a vinyl house to prepare plant cucumber and put chaff into big bags with Saeko.
In the afternoon Yamagata head visited and looked at our work.
I think we did good work today.
At 5:00 pm we came back KTC and bathing.
After dinner I updated my blog and prepared for next presentation.
ソロモン諸島 朝食 昼食 豚汁、野沢菜、鳥のうま煮 夕食

よく働いた74歳のご主人の手 部屋の前にとまった小鳥 エジプト ひも通しの指導中 カンボジア もう走れない

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2月20日(水) 研修43日目 残り23日
Today’s temperature is from -7℃ to 7℃.
Today's country is Samoa.
Red expresses the national courage blue espresses beautiful sea and freedom and five white stars are the Southern Cross which shines on the sky and symbolize purity.
5 JVs and 2 SVs are going to this country.
At a morning meeting, the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers party song is announced.
It was made at 1968 and the melody of the song is like Rokkooroshi.
The composer is Yuji Koseki and he made Rokkoorosshi too and the songwriter is Masato Fujita.
In the afternoon I deposited with my passport to JICA.
At 10:00 pm I will try to skype.
サモア独立国 朝食 パン 昼食 野菜カレー 夕食

ウガンダ 心のやすらぎ アフガニスタン Mughul Dukhtar アフガニスタン ブスカシ 2008_02110026.jpg
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2月19日(火) 研修42日目 後半10日目
Today’s temperature is from -7℃ to 7℃.
Today’s country is Kingdom of Tonga .
The national flag‘s white means purity and red means Christ's blood and the cross means a Christian country.
National anthem is slow and short like Kimigayo.
5 JVs (1 man and 4 young ladies) are going to this country.
I hope them make it back in one piece too.
1 SV was going to go to Argentina but now he isn’t because he quit.
I don’t know why he dropped out of the program in this time.
I tried to give presentation which theme is how to use Excel.
トンガ王国 朝食 昼食 夕食

食堂前風景 2008_02110022.jpg 2008_02110024.jpg 2008_02110025.jpg
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