3月12日(水) 研修64日目 明日終了日
Today’s temperature is from 1℃ to 15℃ and look like spring .
There was a morning meeting at the entrance place.
I tried last 5 minutes speech but I was a little nervous for time so I forgot to speak some sentences.
It was not as good as a rehearsal but anyway English lecture finished.
We appreciated our teacher Andy.
The last lecture were JOCV’s father speech.
He lost his son in dispatched country and he talked to everyone that please come back alive and please send letter to your parent because the parent was always worried about his son or daughter. He said he couldn't slept at night for 6 months after his san died. I knew his sadness very well.
I brought my baggage to a truck at 5:30.
I ate dinner at 6:00 and after dinner we cleaned up our class room and took pictures.
I went to the music party at the small auditorium at 7:00.
I enjoyed and 9:15 party was over.
I took a bath and update my blog.
玄関前ではじめての朝の集い 食堂前風景 朝食 パン 昼食

Our teacher Andy 食堂で 食堂で 最後の講座が終わって

2008_03120010.jpg 2008_03120019.jpg 2008_03120021.jpg 2008_03120026.jpg

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3月11日(火) 研修63日目 残り3日
Today we got a green official passport and air tickets to dispatching country.
There was a party of life team nine and Yamaguchi san also attended and had a pleasant time each other at Syoya. It was so nice with young peoples.
We came toi Ktc at 9:30 pm.
Tomorrow we’ll have to pack my baggage and give a last speech.
食堂前風景 朝食 昼食 庄や
>マラウィ 気持ちいい 2008_03110005.jpg 2008_03110006.jpg 庄やで9班パーティ
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3月10日(月) 研修62日目 残り4日
It was raining from last night and changed snowing in the morning and changed raining again and stopped at noon and the roof was stermy like picture.
I distributed newspapers early in the morning with a young lady and brought 12 diaries to staff room at 8:25.
Young Jocvs were going to Tokyo in the morning to meet the prince so KTC was quiet all day long.
I studied the textbook ACTION that was distributed on the last Friday.
There were useful several dialogs and sample speechs.
I took a nap in the afternoon for about two hours and have listened all the dialog before dinner.
I update my blog and pack up things from now.
It looks like holiday for SV today.
2008_03020001.jpg 朝食 昼食ステーキ 夕食

新聞係り 部屋の前の雪の風景 午後雨上がる。湯気を出す屋根。 最後の食事メニュー
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3月9日(日) 研修61日目 残り5日
It’ll be sunny but from night get cloudy and rain according to the weather forecast.
Yesterday’s dinner was served only 27 dishes so 166 persons went out for dinner from KTC.
Today I went to the lobby at 6:30, three parts of four kinds of newspapers remained at the time.
The young lady had already taken out all advertisements becouse I was late at 6:10.
I regard as sorry that I was late.
I distributed 4 kinds of newspapers to 3 floors and it took about 20 minutes.
I updated my blog before breakfasy.
I borrowed a bicycle after breakfast and took a bath and bicycled to the Komagane post office to
take out money at 9:30. And came back KTC at 11:00.
I studied radio English program before lunch .
After lunch I played tennis till 3:00 and played badminton in gym till 5:00 and took a bath.
Marushima ,Tsunoda, Asami and I were front desk duty for dinner today.
After dinner I updated my blog and printed Yasuma’s pictures.
朝食 パン 昼食 夕食 2008_03090003.jpg

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3月8日(土) 研修60日目 残り6日
Today is Yasoi's birthday.
In the morning I gathered the twelve diaries and delivered to staff room at 8:30.
In English class I heard the result of the yesterday’s test from teacher and the hearing was not so bad but the grammar and writing are not so good.
Anyway test was over but I’d like to continue practicing English every day from this training.

Today was Saturday, March 8. It was a sunny and warm.
We had a one-day trip and went to the Kozen-ji Temple on foot and talking each other all the time and took some pictures.
The Kozen-ji Temple has twelve historical buildings,surrounded by many huge and ancient Japanese cedars and they say those are about 700 years old.
Before lunch we entered Komagane Kogen Art Museam near the temple and looked at the art of Masuo Ikeda,Yayoi Kusama,Shinya Fujiwara.
After looking art, Makoto and I did a rehersal of English speech at the rest cornerin museam.
And we got a lunch at Komagane Firm’s restaurant . We ordered some sausages and a salmon pizza,an American spaghetti with chicken ,a potato salad,and some beverages and had a pleasant conversation with Nana,Nathon and Makoto. After lunch I had a ice-cream corn and took a taxi back to KCT.
It was a nice nice one-day trip for me.
The weather was nice,the pertners were good,and the dishes were great.
Everything was so nice today's one-day trip.
朝食 玄関 2008_03080008.jpg 2008_03080010.jpg

2008_03080013.jpg 2008_03080017.jpg 2008_03080019.jpg 2008_03080015.jpg

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