2月29日(金) 研修52日目 残り14日
Today's country is Nepal.
In the afternoon Hajime,Kohta,Yasuma and I gave presentation.
I talked about flowchart for 10 minutes.
Today English technical class was over. I have tried six times.
It’s a good experience for me.
From 8:30 pm I’ll watch a movie at seminar room A.
食堂前風景 朝食 昼食 スパゲッティ 夕食


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2月28日(木) 研修51日目 残り15日
Today's country was Bangladesh and it was the same as the first day.
English class's homework was writing a formal letter to complain about something to JICA's office. In the afternoon Yasuma and Hajime gave presentation. I was interviewed by Yamaguchi san. Today I had to stand by the library before dinner. I prepared tomorrow's presentation and took a bath and updated my blog and studied English homeworks.
パプアニューギニア 大歓迎 朝食 昼食 夕食

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2月27日(水) 研修50日目 残り16日
It was sunny day and the snow was beautiful.
This 19.4 from Komagane 193 peoples will be dispatched to 40 countries and flag ceremony is end one time. Today is second times of Dominican Republic because today is the independence day of this country.
Today's home class, I spork 15 new cards in a minute.
We moved to small auditorium and reorganize new four menbers team from 4 class. And act as a tourist and try to book several tickets.
Our team was fastest to finish work. It was interested for me.
In the afternoon,I tried to give presentation. I had to prepare within a night so I made some questions about dispatching country.
And I have done 45 minutes English presentation,and I got confidense if
suddenly I have to speak about something to someone tomorrow,I think I will be able to do something. Today's case was a good experiences for me. In the afternoon I took a nap,and bathing before supper.
ボリビア ウユニ塩湖 朝食 パン 昼食 鮭 夕食 肉

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2月26日(火) 研修49日目 残り17日
Today's country is Republi of Palau .
The national flag enacted by the general invitation from people when a palau became independent from the United States in 1994. Although the design of the Rising-Sun flag is origin, the full moon of the palau national flag is not a center. 2 JV's and  1 SV are going to this country.
Today is the last day of displaying the national flag.
I was given the collection of autographs which celebrated my birthday from the classmates today.
Tomorrow I have to show another presentation so I prepare from now.
Today the life team meeting held at 7:00 pm.
In the life team meeting Sae and I were celebrated our birthday with teammates unexpectedly.
We are so happy to be celebrated. I was grateful for their concern.
I tried to skype from 10:00 pm. And I perepared tomorrow's presentation till midnight and I went to bed and I woke up at 5:00 and went to meeting room and output today's handout.
パラオ共和国 朝食 昼食 夕食

雪景色 トンガ 仲良くなるのに言葉はいらない  誕生祝い 誕生祝い 2/23  3/5

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2月25日(月) 研修48日目 残り18日
Today's country is the Marshall Islands union.
The sun illustrated as the light of 24 and it means the number of autonomous ,and four long light expresses a cross. The belt of an orange and white symbolizes two archipelago which constitute the Marshall Islands. As for a national song, word was entered like Solomon Islands and looks like gospel music.
1 SV is going to this country.
Still today,Satoshi is a rest.
I wrote 12 cards correctly but 3 cards mistook.in the morning class..
I had a 60TH birthday celebration from the member of a class at the time of a lesson end unexpectedly.
I appreciate to join in the class of the good teacher and the classmates. Thank you for your concern.
In the afternoon I tried the 5th time's prezentation in the Nick's class.
It ended about 35 minutes. I used CIA information about Vanuatu.
This has a lot of information and update frequently so it is so useful.
I have to write thanks letter to Mr.BENSON MULILO from now.

Mulilo's msg is as follow.
1.Familiarize yourself by practicing English by speaking to each other every day.
2.When you go to areas of your assignment learn vernacular local languages to interact with the local people effectively.
3.Attend local tradition ceremonies in your assigned areas in order to familiarize with local culture.
4.Try to taste local food and select from your taste.
5.Thank you very much for warm reception. Keep it up wherever you will go.

My msg is as follow.
Thank you for coming to Komagane.
It was my pleasure to have a chance to meet you and to learn about your country and Africa.
To tell the truth this was my first time to speak with an African.
I will pay extra attention to your country from now.
I hope the relationship with your country and Japan becomes better and better and both country's peace lasts forever. sincerely 2-26-2008 Hiroshi

マーシャル諸島共和国 朝食 昼食 夕食

60歳誕生会 60歳誕生会 トンガ メガネ、メガネ 食事メニューの予定表

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2月24日(日) 研修47日目 残り19日
Today’s temperature is from -6℃ to 5℃.
I was hearing the Radio Shinya Bin and went to bed at 2:00 am and waked up at 5:00 am.
Today is the 7th Sunday at KTC
According to the weather forecast it’s getting colder 5℃ than yesterday and a lot of snow and strong wind blow in the north Japan Today.
I studied homework and made 10 sentences to use new vocabulary.
2/23 Homework
1. I’ll bicycle across town and goto school and teach the students how to use the com puter every weekday in Vanuatu.
2. I’ll wear the summer yukata and go to a festival and drink cava and take pictures in Vanuatu.
3. I’ll get wheels and go fishing with the locals in Vanuatu.
4. I’ll travel around the islands to go for a ride in Vanuatu.
5. I am a fool and will fall in love with a local girl in Vanuatu.
6. There’s no doubt,to take charge during dangerous situations iis a important thing.
7. I’ll go to a festival and dance to the local music in Vanuatu.
8. The sun comes out and I helped to harvest the rice.
9. I don’t stand a chance to purchase a house because I don’t get money from my parents.
10. I’ll share secrets with the village children on low to brew rice wine in Vanuatu.

朝食 りんご6個、400円 2008_02240052.jpg 南アルプス 仙丈ケ岳
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2月23日(土) 研修46日目 残り20日
Today’s temperature is from 1℃ to 8℃.
It was little snow.
Today's country is Vanuatu.
Green is a rich green country.
Red means the blood shed for the independent fight.
Black is the fertility and the people from Melanesia of land.
Yellow symbolizes peace and Christianity faith, respectively.
Yasuma,Hiroyuki and I are going to this country.
Today Vanuatan lady will come in the afternoon.
In the morning, we had English class.
Satoshi had a cold so he took a rest.
Since a guest will come from Vanuatu in the afternoon, we prepared
six questions per person , but sadly she was absented.
In thr afternoon,there was a guest from Zambia in Africa.
Zambia is the home of the famous Victoria Falls and it's capital is Lusaka.
Zambia is a inland country and that is sorrounded many countries such as Zimbabwe,Namibia,Angola,Congo,Tanzania,Malawi,Mozambique, seven countries about 5,664km.
His name was Benson Mulilo and he works Autitor General's Office(www.ago.gov.zm) and head is a femail.
We talked with him about 2 hours.
In the afternoon,we had a party in Morino Stage.
The host and the hostess spork beautiful English.
Many foreigners atended the party and several plays were performed such as syakuhachi,iai,judo,kendo,hannyashinkyo.
An attractive black young lady from French speaking country from Africa played kendo and hit beautifully opposite head.
I talked with a big man like Akebono(pre-grand champion of sumo) from Papua New Guinea and a rich beard man like Shikimori Inosuke(pre-sumo referee) from Bangladesh,and a short man from Timor too.
I couldn't see Satoshi all day long.
After supper, I got tired and slept in my room till 10:00. I talked with my family by Skype at 10:00.
I updated my blog at 10:15.
Today is my 60th birthday.
It is the life of gratitude although there was also a sad thing.
Such is life.
バヌアツ国旗 朝食 昼食 夕食
2008_02220004.jpg 2008_02230003.jpg Benson Mulilo from Zambia 語学交流会
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2月22日(金) 研修45日目 残り21日
Today’s temperature is from -2℃ to 11℃.
Today was so warm like spring that a lot of snow melted.
Today's country is Federated States of Micronesia.
Blue expresses sea and green means land and five stars means the Southern Cross and main islands.
1 JV and 1 SV are going to this country.
Respect is paid to the United Nations and the sea is also expressed to blue material again.
Main 4 islands of Pohnpei (Pompeii) and Kosrae (Kos Lae) are expressed, and the cross star which shines in south sky.
Tomorrow is Vanuatu, and Vanuatan will come in the afternoon so I made a welcome flier for her.
Today’s lecture was English only and fast speaking was 40 cards in three minutes.
Home work was tomorrow’s 6 questions and formal dialogue with a partner about time off.
After supper I updated my blog and prepare presentation.
ミクロネシア連邦 朝食 昼食 夕食

ギニア 村に井戸ができたわ ケニア ゴミの山で生きる人々 シリア よく出来たね  スリランカ 追悼、そして復興へ

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2月21日(木) 研修44日目 残り22日
Today’s temperature is from -5℃ to 7℃.
Today’s country is Solomon Island.
Blue expresses sea and green means land and five stars means the Southern Cross and main islands.
The natinal song looks like anthem and Kimigayo.
3 JVs are going to this country.
I went to Kurata farm with Saeko, Midori and Yasushi at 8:30 am by bus.
Today we worked in a vinyl house to prepare plant cucumber and put chaff into big bags with Saeko.
In the afternoon Yamagata head visited and looked at our work.
I think we did good work today.
At 5:00 pm we came back KTC and bathing.
After dinner I updated my blog and prepared for next presentation.
ソロモン諸島 朝食 昼食 豚汁、野沢菜、鳥のうま煮 夕食

よく働いた74歳のご主人の手 部屋の前にとまった小鳥 エジプト ひも通しの指導中 カンボジア もう走れない

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2月20日(水) 研修43日目 残り23日
Today’s temperature is from -7℃ to 7℃.
Today's country is Samoa.
Red expresses the national courage blue espresses beautiful sea and freedom and five white stars are the Southern Cross which shines on the sky and symbolize purity.
5 JVs and 2 SVs are going to this country.
At a morning meeting, the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers party song is announced.
It was made at 1968 and the melody of the song is like Rokkooroshi.
The composer is Yuji Koseki and he made Rokkoorosshi too and the songwriter is Masato Fujita.
In the afternoon I deposited with my passport to JICA.
At 10:00 pm I will try to skype.
サモア独立国 朝食 パン 昼食 野菜カレー 夕食

ウガンダ 心のやすらぎ アフガニスタン Mughul Dukhtar アフガニスタン ブスカシ 2008_02110026.jpg
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2月19日(火) 研修42日目 後半10日目
Today’s temperature is from -7℃ to 7℃.
Today’s country is Kingdom of Tonga .
The national flag‘s white means purity and red means Christ's blood and the cross means a Christian country.
National anthem is slow and short like Kimigayo.
5 JVs (1 man and 4 young ladies) are going to this country.
I hope them make it back in one piece too.
1 SV was going to go to Argentina but now he isn’t because he quit.
I don’t know why he dropped out of the program in this time.
I tried to give presentation which theme is how to use Excel.
トンガ王国 朝食 昼食 夕食

食堂前風景 2008_02110022.jpg 2008_02110024.jpg 2008_02110025.jpg
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2月18日(月) 研修41日目 後半9日目
Today’s country is Papua New Guinea.
Red symbolizes the shining sun, black means people.
Five lower left stars express the Southern Cross.
Upper right yellow bird symbolizes of "a bird of paradise".
4 JVs and 2 SVs are going to this country and I hope them make it back in one piece.
National anthem is so short like Kimigayo. 
I heard Yasuma's  presentation in the afternoon.
Tomorrow is my turn.
パプアニューギニア 朝食 昼食 夕食

2008_02110019.jpg 2008_02110020.jpg 2008_02110021.jpg 食事メニューの予定表

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2月17日(日) 研修40日目 後半8日目
Today’s temperature is from -7℃ to 4℃.
It’ll be sunny in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon.
I took a bath and nap after breakfast.
I wake up and prepare presentation of Tuesday’s English technical class in the morning and next theme is how to use Excel. I sended a e-mail to the travel agent that I want to chenge ticket from Itami to Narita instead of to Haneda in the afternoon. From 4:00 pm I played ping-pong with Ran san at the auditorium.
Her ball was so fast that I sometimes couldn’t hit it. I sweated and got tired very much.
After 5:30, I took bathing and got supper at 6:00. Prepare for how to use Excel in English till 7:15 pm.
I updated my blog from 7:30.
朝食 パン 昼食 夕食 2008_02170005.jpg

2008_02170009.jpg 2008_02170008.jpg 2008_02170003.jpg 2008_02170004.jpg

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2月16日(土) 研修39日目 後半7日目
Temperature is from -7℃ to5℃.
Today’s country is Fiji.
The light blue of a ground color symbolizes the South Pacific.
The pattern which symbolizes the Fiji islands, such as a yellow lion , cent George's cross, a banana and sugarcane, and a coconut, is drawn. The Union Jack expresses the member of the British Commonwealth of Nations.
3 JVs are going to this country.
In the morning a lot of homework are taken in the English class.
Mr. Noda explained about Vanuatu in the afternoon .
From 3:30 to 5:00, I was explained about computer teaching by JVs and SVs
I carried out English homework in a classroom till 5:45 pm.
I got a tripod of digital camera that had gotten by auction and a letter from Umeda san thank you.
I updated my blog till 8:00 pm.
At 9:30 pm,I took a bath and surprised to get fat 2.5Kg.
I have to exercise. Tomorrow I'll play ping-pong with Ran san,
I'm thinking to skype from 10:00 pm.
フィジー国旗 朝食 昼食 2008_02160004.jpg

風景 2008_02110016.jpg 2008_02110017.jpg 2008_02110018.jpg

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2月15日(金) 研修38日目 後半6日目
I went to bed 12:30 last night and waked up at 5:00 this morning.
Today's country is the Venezuela bolivar republic. Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
1 JV is going to this country.
Yellow means rich resources and love of homeland l blue means the Caribbean Sea, and red symbolize the blood and the courage which flowed by the independent fight.
1 JV is going to this country. In English class I tried fast-reading test and got 44 cards.
There is traffic safe lecture. I signed up for a insurance by 60,000 yen.
I studied English homework and updated my blog.
ベネズエラ・ボリバル共和国 朝食 昼食 夕食

2008_02110012.jpg  2008_02110013.jpg  2008_02110014.jpg  2008_02110015.jpg
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2月14日(木) 研修37日目 後半5日目
I went to bed 12:30 last night and waked up at 6:20 this morning.
Today's country is Oriental Republic of Uruguay.
White and blue express the number of the states at the time of independence , white expresses peace and blue express freedom. "The sun in May" of Kwangtung is an ancient Indian's independent symbol.1 JV and 1 SV are going to this country.
I exchanged three sheets .
Today is the working day in the firm with 4 people.
I got out the pds before breakfast and got a luncheon. Bathing after breakfast.
The borrowed cloth was too small and it's difficult to ware.
I took a bus at 8:30 and it went to Mr. Masatoshi Kurata's house.
First we have heard that we are going to help to plant something in a vinyl house.
But actually we were asked to move four shelfs of the shoe room of the first floor to the barn of the second floor. From 9:30, 3 jvs and I started to move things and 12:00 past had a lunch. Even at 16:20, we moved all of the things such as four heavy shelves,many trophies and meny medals. I was exhausted but carried through everything,
I had supper at 17:45 and wrote a diary.
ウルグアイ東方共和国 2008_02140001.jpg 所外活動弁当 夕食

2008_02110009.jpg 2008_02110010.jpg 2008_02110011.jpg 倉田さんのおもてなし。野沢菜とケーキ、クッキー、みかん
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2月13日(水) 研修36日目 後半4日目
Today's country is the Republic of Peru.
White symbolizes peace and honor and red symbolizes courage and patriotism. As for the animals and plants of the Peru specialty, and the bottom, a central crest wets on treasure the rich mineral resources which the left calls Lamaism and the right calls a cinchona bark, respectively.
1JV and 2SVs are going to this country
Temperature is from –7℃ to 3℃.
In English class I try to speak 14 chunks in 1 minute.
Study of a with pictures.
In lunch I took a lunch with the students of Shinshu University.
She was the dear female student of the graduate of the Shizuoka Johoku high school.
From an afternoon about a safety control lecture.
They were very shocking contents.
And discussed English class's work till 7:00 pm.
PDS and homework are carried out and call a house to tell to skype at 10:00 pm.
I 'll try to skype from 10:00 pm.
And I updated my blog at 9:00 pm.
ペルー 朝食 昼食 2008_02130004.jpg

2008_02110006.jpg 2008_02110007.jpg 2008_02110008.jpg 2008_02130002.jpg
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2月12日(火) 研修35日目 後半3日目
Today's country is Paraguay.
White red expresses justice,white means peace and blue expresses freedom. As for the national flag of Paraguay, the crests of a table and the reverse side differ. The star called "sun in May" is drawn on the crest of a table, and "the hat and lion" of freedom are drawn on the hidden crest by sealing of a country.
10JVs and 2 SVs are going to this country.
Our English class members were going to Yomeisyu factory in the morning.
Afternoon I gave a presentation of 'Japanese spring has come with flowers'..
3rd vaccination of rabies.
Dress is borrowed with explanation of training.
Books charged.
Night, a group meeting was held.
パラグアイ 朝食 昼食 夕食 カキフライ

養命酒正門 2008_02120004.jpg 2008_02120009.jpg 帰り道
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2月11日(月) 研修34日目 後半2日目
Today's country is Japan and national foundation day.
A circle expresses the sun and it is also called the Rising-Sun flag.
The teacher of a new technical class comes from Sapporo.
It's Nick from Oakland of New Zealand.
He heard very carefully.
I gave a presentation of the women in Fukuoka for 5 minutes.  
I'll try without seeing paper next time.
In the afternoon, we are listened the high school teacher who is experienced in JV.
I played syougi with young JV.
There was a call from Hatsumo that she wanted to skype tonight.
I update my blog at 8:00 pm.

日本国旗 日本国旗2 2008_02110003.jpg 2008_02110004.jpg

2008_02110001.jpg 2008_02110002.jpg 2008_02110005.jpg 2008_02110027.jpg

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2月10日(日) 研修33日目 後半初日
自室からの風景 玄関前の風景 2008_01202回目の日曜日0025 2008_01202回目の日曜日0017
Temperature: -3℃~6℃
English homework is carried out with hearing Komadori sisters of the Radio Shinya Bin.
It looks like to stop snowing and to get warming today.
Second half of the training began from today.
明日から日本語禁止 朝食 パン 昼食 チャーハン 夕食

Tomorrow's presentation story(Japanese spring comes with flowers.)
Good afternoon gentlemen.
How are you everyone?
I'm here today to introduce Japanese spring with flowers.

This is the scenery of rape blossoms and a cherry tree.
In Japan, from the end of March and the start of April , rape blossoms and a cherry tree will blossom.
Japanese people will be pleased that spring has come, if rape blossoms and a cherry tree bloom.
Many cherry trees are planted in the bank of a river.
Rape blossoms are planted in the field and it becomes the manure of a field.
Rape blossoms also become a delicious vegetable dish.
The recipe for nanohanazuke is as follow.
Rape blossoms and tke chicken are quickly boiled with hot water, and cool with cold water and mixed with the mayonnaisech .
A cherry tree is not only the country but in a city in large numbers.
A cherry tree is the Japanese most favorite flower.
If a cherry tree blooms, people will go out for cherry blossom viewing.
People celebrate that spring has come.
Alcohol is drunk under the flower of a cherry tree and pleasure of people eats sushi.
A festival is also opened at this season when a cherry tree blooms.
Sakura-mochi is a traditional Japanese sweets made from glutinous rice and azuki bean, it is indispensable to spring congratulation.
Thank you for your listening. please ask if you have any questions.

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2月9日(土) 研修32日目 中間日
Today is the middle point of training.
Temperature: -4℃~0℃
Today's country is the Republic of Panama.
Red expresses the Liberal Party blue expresses the Conservative Party at the time of independence and white means peace and the red star and blue star express cooperation of the two parties.
One JV and one SV are going to this country.
English fast speaking test in the morning was 56 cards in 3 minutes.
I forgot my homework 'something broken.'
The new cards of 15 vocablary were given.
There was a lifesaving lecture for four hours in the afternoon but that were too long.  
I think that contents were sufficient in 2 hours so I was boring and sleepy.
Today I was on duty tableware washing for the second times.
It starts to snow in the morning.
It will pile up tomorrow.
Since a sneeze still comes out, I will take a nap and stay in my room tomorrow.
I want Internet shopping tonight.
パナマ共和国 雪が降る 2008_01202回目の日曜日0009 2008_01202回目の日曜日0016

食堂 朝食 昼食 夕食

2/7(Thursday) Home Work 「How to make Shinshuu chirashizushi」
Ingredients for 4~5 persons
A. rice 2 cups ( 1 cup:200cc)
B. vinegar 1/3 cup
sugar 1/3 cup
salt 2 small spoonfuls
seasoning a pinch
C. shigureni
beaf (fillet) 250g
shred ginger 1 chip
sake 2 big spoonfuls
mirin 1 big spoonful
sugar 1 big spoonful
D. nozawanazuke 50g
carrot 1 small
kinusaya 10 sheets
water 2/3 cup
sugar 1 big spoonful
dry shiitake 5
dry shiitake restore water 2/3 cup
sugar 2 big spoonfuls
soy sauce 2 big spoonfuls
egg 2
salt a little
white seasame 2 big spoonfuls
lemmom’s skin 1/2
sprout of tree a little

recipe for making Shinshuu chirashizush
1. Boil the rice.B:create mix. Pour B into A and mix it to create sushi rice.
2. Cut the beaf thinly and boil quickly. Cut nozawanazuke in strips.
Cut the carrot into strips and boil with water and seasoning.
And boil kinusaya and cut it into strips.
Shiitake boiled with sugar and soy sauce.
3. Stir egg in the baul and add a little salt and baked thinly and cut like
oblong card.
4. Add white seasome in A and mix them well.
5. Place 4. on a serving plate and garnish with 2. and 3.

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2月8日(金) 研修31日目
Today's country is Republica de Nicaragua.
Blue means the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, and white means justice.
3 JVSs are going to this country.
Temperature: /-4℃~4℃
In the morning 15 cards fast speaking took 45 seconds.
Next listening comprehension of the short text which the teacher read. Since I couldn't hear the contents, I was disappointed.
In lunch the staff of JBIC and JICA came for inspection,so we discussion each other at lunch and after lunchi till 1:00 pm.
In the afternoon, LIFE SKILL TRAINING was held I joined Self haircut.
Life group's meeting was held from 4:30 to 5:00 pm
At 5:30 I mailed of my blog address to life 9 members..
I updated my blog after supper.

ニカラグア 朝食 昼食 とろろうどん 鮭のチャンチャン焼き

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2月7日(木) 研修30日目
Today's country is the United Mexican States.
Green means national independence, white symbolizes the faith to Catholic and red symbolizes racial unification. The eagle is a national bird,drawn on the central national emblem.
A JV is going to this country.
Today's temperature is from-4℃ to 4℃.
Sheets exchange by 8:30.
PDS submit by 8:45.
Meal schedule entry of a weekend by 13:00.
Exchanged three old sheets to new sheet and take a bath before the breakfast..
PDS submiteed before a lecture starts.
In the class of English in the morning, Natsumi gave me a present and a card.
And yesterday's midterm exam result was known by my teacher .
The results of the examination were unexpectedly good. So I was relief. I want to study in the second half with confidence.  I think to make the presentation pitch as many as possible whiche I use to explain to students in assigned country.
The technical class of the afternoon was a lesson of a presentation.
Teacher showed several words and I selected 'rice' for my theme and gave my one minute short presentation.
I began as follows.
"Good afternoon everyone. Today I'd like you to talk about rice."
I asked the audience what the meaning of the Japanese national flag.
I got several answers. A red circle means the sun and white means piece or something. And I said,"A red circle means the sun is true but white means piece is fault. It means rice." "However this is in my opinion." All of the audience burst out laughing.
From Jomon period Japan was an agricultural country.
Rice was the most important product in this country.
The history of rice farming is almost for 1,500 years and Japanese have deep experiences and knowledges how to make rice.
So many young JOCVs are dispatched to many villages in developing country to teach locals how to grow rice every year.
I closed as follow.
From now Japanese will be able to contribute to the world more and more in this area. Thank you for your attention. Are there any questions?

I was told from the staff that Jody left today, and next week,another new teacher will come for my technical class.
The subject of a home class and "How to make Shinsyu chirashizusi" are made after supper.
I wrote a life team diary at 7:30 PM and update my blog.

メキシコ 2008_01202回目の日曜日0011 2008_01202回目の日曜日0017 2008_01202回目の日曜日0022

2008_02070002.jpg 2008_02070001.jpg 2008_02070003.jpg 2008_02070004.jpg

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2月6日(水) 研修29日目 中間試験
Today's country was Republic of Jamaica.
In 1962 country established. In green, black symbolizes national strength and national creativity and yellow symbolizes brightness of the sun and abundance for agriculture and natural resources.
2JVs and 1SV are going to this country.
The middle English test started from 8:45 at auditorium.
There are a hearing and reading test in the morning.
A hearing test were 100 questions from 8:50 for30 minutes.
Next reading test were 100 questions from 9:20 to 10:50.
I misunderstood for 1 hour, teacher said 'Last 5 minutes' and I noticed my mistake that I imaged I will finish about 30 minutes before last question,so
I write last question for one hour,but there is not time any more.
So,I wrote last writing within 5 minutes confusedly.
It was my big failure. But anyway test was over. Try my best afternoon test.
In the afternoon,conversation test was with teacher in the home class room..
I hold a conversation about 15 minutes with Andy.
It was interesting for me.
I'm decided that I'm going to prepare material for class as many as possible in the second half.

ジャマイカ共和国 玄関前の風景 2008_01202回目の日曜日0012 2008_01202回目の日曜日0018

食堂から雪の風景 朝食 昼食 夕食

2/7 PM (Thursday’s technical class’s presentation story ‘ I love Fukuoka ’ )

Good afternoon everyone. How are you doing? Thank you for listening to my talk Today. I’d like to tell you about Fukuoka prefecture in Japan.
Have you ever been to Fukuoka? What do you have the image about Fukuoka?
I know that Yasuma’s hometown is Fukuoka.
And Fukuoka is my most favorite place in Japan. So I select Fukuoka as today’s thema.
I lived several city such as Sapporo, Tokyo, Shizuoka, Osaka, Hyogo and Fukuoka. All of those city are nice place to live in, but today I especially want to introduce Fukuoka. I was working for a company in Tokyo thirty five years ago. And I was getting tired with a tough commutation in Tokyo for almost 2 hours.
Then I said to my boss “ I hope to transfer to a local city somewhere.”
About two weeks later, he brought me two answers. One was Kanazawa and the other was Fukuoka.
Kanazawa was a snowy city so it was called ‘snow country’ and yukiguni’ in Japanese. I wanted to live in a warm place so I said to my boss “ Thank you for your awareness.
I decide to go to Fukuoka.” Therefore I was transferred to Fukuoka next month.
The house rent of Fukuoka was cheaper and it was about half of Tokyo.
Since Fukuoka was surrounded by the sea, fish were fresh and very cheap.
After I lived in Fukuoka, I noticed that there were many beauties in Fukuoka.
I lived in Fukuoka for ten years, and next I was transferred to Osaka.
A few years later, I had an opportunity to go to Fukuoka with a person who had never been Fukuoka. At that business trip, we arrived at Fukuoka, he was surprised because almost all of women we met were so beautiful.
He said “ Why are there such many beauty in Fukuoka? “
So I was convinced that “ Fukuoka has a lot of beauties.”
What do you think about it?
I want to tell you my opinion why there were many beauties in Fukuoka.
It’s because Fukuoka is a good trade center with overseas from old time about 1,000 years ago. From China, Korea and South Asia, many people crossed the sea and came to Fukuoka frequently. So the blood of an overseas and Japanese were mixed together. A mixed blood made a beautiful person commonly.
What do you think about it? Do you know the Molena ?
That is the typical beauty in the world and it is also blood mixed.
I think Hakata beauty is also typical beauty in Japan.
If you have never been Fukuoka I recommend you to go there.
If you like seafood, I strongly recommend ,you should go Nakasu and try to urchin.
You’ll be surprised because it’s will be carried by a case. And It’s so delicious and
too cheap. And probably you’ll find beautiful women around you.
Thank you for your attention. Please if there are some questions.

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2月5日(火) 研修28日目
Temperature: /-5℃~3℃
Today's country was the Republic of Honduras.
Blue expresses the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea , white expresses peace and five stars means constituted the Central America federation for once planned.
It was disgusted by the long national anthem of the same melody of a repetition.
Five JVs and one SV are going to this country.
As I sweated much from last night due to a cold, sore throat was lost in the morning.
The English class in the morning was tru or false the 10 statements.
And made true or false statements in a law of Japan.
The English class of the afternoon is explanation of technical word.
A hepatitis A vaccination was gotten for the first time.
From 7:30 pm a group meeting was held.
I updated my blog till 8:30.

ホンジュラス共和国 2008_02050007.jpg 2008_01202回目の日曜日0010 2008_01202回目の日曜日0024

2008_02050004.jpg 2008_02050005.jpg 2008_02050008.jpg 2008_02050009.jpg

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2月4日(月) 研修27日目
It‘s sunny today.  Snow is very beautiful. Temperature:-3℃~4℃.
Todays country is the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.
Today is National Foundation Day of Sri Lanka.
National flag:left-hand side green shows Islam or the people from Moore, and orange shows Hinduism or Tamil those people ... reconciliation of a Buddhist, and other religion and races is expressed .
As for the leaf of the linden of four corners, Hinduism or a Tamil, and green express Islam or the people from Moore, and Buddhism and a saffron color symbolize racial reconciliation.
Five JVs and one SV are going to this country.
The view of the trees from the Morinostage (stage of woods) was very beautiful.
A throat was painful in cold feeling.
I kept memorizing a new card in the morning.
In the morning English was dictation of a new card. I forgot ‘not’ in the problem memorized repeatedly.
It was 'I'm not going to be able to make it.' = I can't come.
Next the conversation of seven lines made with young lady using chunk which came out in a teacher's conversation. In the afternoon English class I tried to speak 10 minutes presentation the theme was how to play Go..
The last was the mental health lecture. Stress management in volunteer life. After lecture I went to see nurse at consultation room and got the medicine of Tumura’s Kakkonto for three days.
After dinner I study English and update my blog. Before I go to bed try to call by skype to my family.
スリランカ民主社会主義共和国 朝食 湯豆腐 昼食 さんまの南蛮漬け 夕食 すき焼き

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2月3日(日) 研修26日目
Snowy Sunday. At 7:30 breakfast with young ladies. Today is Setubun means the day beginning of spring.
食堂前風景 朝食 パン 昼食 チャーハン 夕食 鮭の南蛮漬け

プレート センター入り口 玄関前の風景 自転車置き場

Yesterday's i
In merged class. What should you do or shouldn’t do in your assignment country.

1. You don’t walk alone in the night.
2. You don’t go to busy streets during the dead of night.
3. You shouldn’t wear nice clothes.
4. You don’t bring much money with you.
5. You should always bring a small amount of money.
6. You don’t drink too much.
7. You had better keep your wallet out of sight.
8. You shouldn’t reach into your cost when you are being robbed.
9. You shouldn’t resist a robber.
10. You shouldn’t talk with the stranger.
11. You don’t touch an unidentified person.
12. You don’t speak to a strange girl.
13. You don’t touch monks.
14. Don’t lend money to the locals. The relationship will be corrupted.
15. We ought to boil water.
16. Don’t eat raw foods after the expiration date.
17. You should cook by yourself to be healthy.
18. You should follow the local practices.
19. You should pay attention to traffic signals and also any vehicles.
20. You had better carry your cell phone all time.
21. Women shouldn’t be too friendly to men.
22. You must remember emergency call number.
23. You should change walking routine sometimes.
24. You should use at least three locks on the door.
25. You should use a mosquito net.
26. You should listen to the local JICA staff.

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2月2日(土) 研修25日目
Today's country is the Republic of Guatemala. When becoming independent from Spain , such as El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua were going to form the Central America federation, the national flag and the design of these countries are alike. Guatemala national flag: blue shows the sky and sea and white means pure and noble.
5 JVs and 1 SV will go to the country.
My cold becomes terrible and getting a sore throat. Also today -8℃~4℃。
A lecture was how to adapt own culture to fit with local practices by the talk of the cultural researcher Hideo Kimura professor of Tokyo university .  Although experienced game Buff Buff was interesting, I was disappointed because it's interesting portion of story was last chapter 4 and 5 but it was too short.
He said that when he went to Bolivia as JV(Junior Volunteer), ten years had passed after Guevara dies.
He has come to talk to JICA's trainee for 15 years.
He had a favorable impression in the very modest one.
He said he stayed here tonight so he had a plenty of time to talk but I had to leave because the bus of the English class party's was waiting to start, I was sorry to him by 17:25.
Night dinner was roast meat in Kagetsu. 20 persons participated. We leaved at 17:30 and returned at 21:30 by microbus. Today’s bathing stopped due to catch cold.

1/31 homework “My dream volunteer life” 6 gives + 6 notebook chunks

My buddy Hiroshi always talked about joining JICA and working overseas for a couple of years, but he only talked about it. So I gave him a push, telling him that it was a great opportunity. Finally, he decided to give it a go. He had to prepare first, he started by giving away all of his things: his house, his car.
He left and didn’t hear from him for a while. After a year and a half, he gave me a call and said that one of local staff had given him the chance to stay and work full time.
He analyzes living situations. So he decided to give up on going back to his hometown.
Nowadays he goes diving and hangs out with locals and builds a strong relationship with the locals. Sometimes he goes shopping in the capital.
He signed up for the Internet. Sometimes he sends e-mail to his family.

グアテマラ共和国 2008_01202回目の日曜日0021 朝食 昼食
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2月1日(金) 研修24日目
Today's country is El Salvador. Blue expresses sky and the sea,white expresses the hope of peace and harmony. When becoming independent of Spain, since it was going to form countries of Central America federations, such as El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, the national flag and the design of these countries are alike. Seven persons JV and two persons SV are going to this country.
70 years oldest SV will go to teach aikido. It's really great.
7 persons was absented due to cold. There were three person who took the mask and one person a cough. Today's temperature is from -8℃ to 4℃.
My room's humidifier is running all night. A cold medicine was taken before the morning meeting . After breakfast I took a bath. It's my pleasure.

In Engrish class's break time Question:
Who do you know the president of USA?

Answer:Bush? No Roosevelt.
Do you understand?
(Japanese comic storyteller)
エルサルバドル共和国 2008_01202回目の日曜日0015 食堂前風景 中庭 雪溶けてくる

中 朝食 昼食 夕食 豚肉の生姜焼き

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